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When you follow @rsieg317 @borchairs and @velocityvids around they always lead you to a good time. This was my last day on snow last year featuring in Cody’s @509inc episode and it was the perfect cap to an unexpected short season. Reagan found this epic hip literally at the highest altitude on the mountain. What is not pictured is the in-run. To get speed into this hit was along a “no right hand turn” ridge line that I swear was straight down the other side to valley bottom. But that’s how Reagan likes em, gnarly and techy making it very hard to follow him as always and very satisfying when it all works out. Cannot stop thinking about the days to come this winter

📸: @jason.petrone

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Throw back to one of my first times learning how to ride a sled 🛷
I think it went well

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Happy 4th birthday Bria Leigh aka turd nugget. We love you @anissabarnes ...

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Big 🍻 to @ggb_exhaust for another great season. It’s been 6 years of the best support I could ask for. In these years I’ve run @ggb_exhaust on arctic cat for 2 seasons, skidoo for 2 seasons and polaris for 2 seasons and I’m proud to say that I will continue running GGB product for years to come. Over 6 years I’ve had zero issues from break in of the new sled to the end of the season. They fit perfect, have three wicked sound options available and are topped with the best customer service around. Thank guys! Appreciate all you do

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