Hey guys!

My name is Riley Suhan and I’m a professional snowmobiler. I’ve been riding snowmobiles basically from the time I could drool on myself and people still think it’s cute. I have been fortunate enough to have been born and raised in beautiful, Golden, British Columbia. They say location is everything and I think Golden is just that. What else does a guy need when his backyard is a big ass mountain? Golden has shaped me into the rider I am today. Following in my Dad’s footsteps, and learning from him as I grew up on a sled has really given me some solid confidence as well! Both of my parents have been riding sleds since they were infants as well, I think that speaks for itself. I couldn’t be happier doing what I’m doing.

I live my day to day life working towards feeding that addiction of snowmobiling. I’m speechless for the support I have been given and for all the people being behind me 110%.

To many more crazy good times to come


PS Shouldn’t you be out riding instead of reading about my life.. 😉

Current Rig:

2020 Polaris 850 KHAOS 155

Date of Birth:

September 11th 1993

Place Of Residence:

Golden, BC, Canada

Favourite Somethings:

Mountains, Family, and my Grandma’s perogies!

Future Plans:

Join the forever in debt club and build a house with a big garage!

Other Interests:

Moto, MTB, Racing, Camping, Hiking, Boating, Fishing, Exploring!

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